News - Hydra Communications Launches Amsterdam Location

15th of May, 2019. London, United Kingdom

London, UK; Hydra Communications Limited has today (15th of May, 2019) launched its first baremetal location outside of the United Kingdom in Amsterdam, Netherlands. Whilst we have had a network presence here for over a year, we are now offering baremetal servers with unified pricing and specifications in the Iron Mountain AMS1 (formerly EvoSwitch AMS1) data centre in the outskirts of Amsterdam.

During the last few months we have invested aggressively in building up our London and Amsterdam network with the following:

Carriers Available in Amsterdam

Baremetal Services

Our Amsterdam baremetal plans will be the same as London and share the same pricing, you can view them all here:

Transit Services

We will also offer transit and managed connectivity services through our brand, as above, pricing is the same between our locations, view our IP transit pricing on the following link

Image Gallery

If you have any questions, feel free to reach out and email us on [email protected]

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